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Imagine being back in control of your financial life.

That is what we picture when we think of a successful bankruptcy. Here at Gold Lange & Majoros, P.C., in Metro Detroit, we put more than 100 years of combined legal experience to work on every bankruptcy case we handle. In doing so, we have established ourselves as one of Michigan's preeminent bankruptcy law firms when it comes to answering your bankruptcy questions and considering bankruptcy alternatives.

How Can We Help You?

We help you best by guiding you through the bankruptcy system. Too many people make the mistake of hiring any attorney who claims to do bankruptcy and thinking that they just have to file some paperwork and they're all done.

That's not how bankruptcy works.

No matter how simple or small you may think your case is, bankruptcy trustees look at your case in order to find assets they can liquidate for

the benefit of your creditors. You do not want to enter your bankruptcy with your eyes closed when the other players involved have theirs wide open.

Instead, turn to us. We deliver the personalized bankruptcy representation that best positions you for success. Our lawyers work with you to ensure your bankruptcy case anticipates and avoids obstacles in advance. In doing so, we

maximize the assets you can keep and better prepare you for future financial success.

Our experience means we know how the bankruptcy trustees will view your case. It also means we understand how different trustees approach their cases differently and how different creditors will handle your bankruptcy. We build that knowledge into your case in order to build a bankruptcy for you that is designed to succeed.


“I truly think my Chapter 11 is one of the most successful in this district maybe the country thank you so much for everything.”

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